Saturday, September 1, 2012


Its September again!    I love this time of year.  The foods, the cooling weather, the soon to be changing leaves :)  

This fall I'm trying something new.  This past week I have been trying to cut dairy out of my diet.  Honestly its not as terrible as it sounds like it could be.  Lots of people are lactose intolerant or allergic and I've been trying to find out if not eating dairy will make me feel better.

This week I did ok.  I had soy in my coffee instead of milk.  I didn't have any cheese or ice cream.  It would have been a perfect dairy free week excepting that I had unexpected baked goods given to me twice this week!  And its pretty impossible to say no to unexpected baked goodies :)

Doing no dairy is not too bad.  I don't mind the soy milk, or not having ice cream and I even have a great substitute for butter.  But I miss cheese.    Ah well, I suppose if I find out that not having the dairy still doesn't do anything then I'll go back to eating it on occasion.

Anyways,  happy almost fall!

p.s.  Its almost been a whole year since I started this thing!  Wow!

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