Friday, September 30, 2011

Nordic Fashion Competition

So remember back when I said my hat was in a competition, and that you could vote on it, and that I would post the link when I got it?   Well......Here it is!

Please go and vote for your favorite piece (preferably if it is mine :) ) and if you happen to be in Seattle or surrounding areas go to the museum and check out the whole show.  There are items on display from designers who dress the likes of Lady Gaga and Bjork!

p.s. remember, this is a trip to Iceland on the line....I'm counting on you!

and in case you forgot,  this one is mine:

Thursday, September 29, 2011

I made it back in one piece

So, this took me a little longer to write than I expected it to because, well, it has been a rather busy week.  We made it back across the state in one piece, although the way back was much longer than anticipated. (stop and go traffic in the mountain pass.  urgg) 

Anyways, the film was great fun.  Its a very odd experience to see someone you know on a really large screen.  It was quite a fun experience.  Plus we got some adult time away from the little man, which, as much as we love him, is always a welcome break.

On another note,  Crafty Time this weekend!! 

Friday, September 23, 2011

Port Townsend Film Festival - Electric Man

So, this very afternoon, in about an hour in fact, I will be driving all the way across the state (and by "I" I mean my hubby) to see the world premier of the movie Electric Man.  Now, this may seem like an awfully long way to go to see a film, but I have a very good reason: one of my best friends is in it! and its her first major film.  I think that warrants an 8 hour trip don't you?