Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Nordic Fashion

So, this past summer a really exciting opportunity presented itself to me in the form of a Nordic inspired fashion competition.  I decided to enter a hat (cause I love to make hats (more on that later)) and my piece was selected to be one of the final 12!!!  My hat will be in the Nordic Heritage Museum in Seattle, WA at the end of this month and will be there all through October and into November, when the winners will be selected.  OMG I'm going to have something that I created in a museum.  (And I do not use "OMG" regularly or lightly)

Anyways, there will be a site to view all 12 finalists while the exhibit is up and there will be a way for you to vote on the pieces to select the audience choice winner. (p.s. the winner gets to go to Iceland.  How cool would it be to go to Iceland?!  no pun intended.)

Here is a picture of my entered hat as well...

I will share the link for voting when I get it!

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  1. Oh so exciting!!! That piece is beautiful I love the embroidery!