Thursday, September 26, 2013

And then I dyed

Hello!  As I mentioned in my last post I have been excessively busy,  but I thought I'd share a few pics of the costumes I've been working on.  First up, some things for Steamcon, which is right around the corner!

A little sneak preview of my vest.  So much more beading to do...

In progress shot of my hubby's jacket.  Faux fur cutting tutorial to come later.

Of course, with the deadline for the play I'm working on fast approaching, I've taken a brief break from the Victorian era and switched to the late 50s.  I ended up needing to do some dying of polyester so that was a fun experiment.  Dying poly is kind of like making fudge, only way less awesome. You have to stand at the stove and stir it constantly for about 45 minutes but in the end you don't get to eat it.  And you have to wear (or I think you should wear) a face mask so you don't breath it in.  No delicious chocolaty smells from the dye bath. 

On the positive, my dying experiment totally worked!

Before: purple, After: blue
I needed to seriously tone down this fabric so the dress wouldn't stick out from the other costumes like a sore thumb.  I'm calling that a success!

In other dying news,  I much prefer tea dying.

Before, plain old white. 

This dye bath does smell good!  Even if it is just the cheep stuff.

Let it soak.

Muuuuch better!
Anywho,  The Brick and The Rose (the show I'm doing costumes for) opens next week so after that it is back to the meticulous hand details of the Victorian clothes.  And then full costume shots!  And Halloween! 

Speaking of Halloween,  what should I carve on my pumpkin this year? Here's what I did last year.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Insert something, too scatter brained to come up with a title

So, the 16th came and went and well, I just don't have anything.  Sorry.  I've been so busy working on my ridiculous pile of projects.  I think I may just have to put a pause on regular posting for a bit while I finish up some big things. 

Some of you may know,  I am currently working on applications and my portfolio for graduate school, on top of costuming a play and costumes for Steamcon.  Oh, and a Halloween costume for the little man.

Anyways,  you get the point.  In the meantime,  try these Raspberry Bars!

I left out the nuts and almost doubled the amount of fresh raspberries.


Thursday, September 5, 2013

Two years!

Aww,  I missed my two year blog-iversary!  Happy birthday little blog!