Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloween pumpkin carve!

Hey guys,  never did make it back to the sweet 16th recipe this month :(  but I DID just finish carving my pumpkin for halloween and guess what?!  It turned out amazing!!!

Wanna see?

Check out my Ood pumpkin!  

This is by far the most complex pumpkin carve I've ever done, but I had a great time.  Here's the pumpkin in better light (and my messy carving table):

And extra spooky lighting!:

Just in case you are not a Dr. Who watcher,  this is what an Ood looks like in the show:

Image from here
Those spheres on their shirts light up when they talk.

This turned out far cooler than my pac-man pumpkins last year :)  

What did you carve on your pumpkins this year?

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