Thursday, July 16, 2015

Catch up!

Wowza it has been a busy summer! So before I restart real posts about cool stuff, let me do a little bit of catching up. I think I'm so far behind I didn't even get May on here, so we'll start with the kiddo's birthday party. He requested a 'marvel super hero' party, so I made some cool villain cut-outs and had the kids trap them with spider web (silly string).

These were a bit over 3 ft. tall
We also had several smaller ones around the yard.  Poor Venom there lost a hand in the battle!

I also made a huge Groot as a decoration piece (because I'm crazy and I had loads of time on my hands at the time). So here are a few pics of him in progress (sorry they're blurry, I was on a roll and didn't really stop to make sure the photos were good).

I started with some empty wrapping paper tubes and boxes

Added some craft paper twisted into vines. I also filled the body with wadded up paper bags to give it some volume but keep it light.

more vines

Added some outer bark, some sharpie lines, and paint.

Groot selfie.  I had to stand on the step ladder to take this. He was over 7 ft. tall!

A few weeks later we went to the EMP to generally bop around and to see the Star Wars costume exhibit. It was AMAZING! You may have noticed, I'm a bit of a costume nut. The exhibit exceeded my expectations, and we went a few months after it opened so it wasn't crazy busy. The exhibit is touring after it leaves EMP so if it is near you, I highly recommend it. Most of the good photo's are on my hubby's camera and I haven't bothered to get them yet, but here are a couple.

Also at the EMP, but obviously at the end of the day. He was not enthused about posing.
In other news, I finished my last show pre-move and made my first quilt, and tried out wet-form leather sculpting which is my new favorite thing! More on that later :)

That's all for now, but I have a few things in planning for after the big move!