Sunday, September 4, 2011

NEW BLOG (again)

Hello, I am Alison.  I just started another new blog the other day and was instantly dissatisfied. I think that may say something about myself, I'm just not sure what yet.  Anyways, it looked almost exactly like this one, but with a different name. I had planned to call it Hats, Hash and Haberdash, which, you know, I thought sounded rather fun and encompassed my interests. Of course then I realized that some people may take hash to mean something other than a yummy potato veggie mash up breakfast (or any other time) food.  So I left that part out and ended up with Hats and Haberdash, which was cute but not quite as good.  

Anyways, so here we go again.

In other news: I just made dinner.  also I made lemon bars for the first time yesterday and YUM!

Also, my toddler little man learned that he could put rocks into his pockets today.  He previously knew about pockets and the wonders they might posses, but rocks are new.  Must remember to always check pockets before doing laundry...

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