Friday, August 23, 2013

Project revisited: Mechanical Bird

A week ago I posted a picture of supplies for a project I was just starting and I have the little guy ready to show now!

Hi there!

This is Tak, my singing mechanical bird.  He is for SteamCon but he will probably sit on my mantle until then.  Anyways,  I have some in process pictures and a few more finished product shots.

I sculpted flattened clay pieces around a foil egg shape.

Had to make sure that the pieces fit together but could be separated after baking.

I changed the turning handle on my music box mechanism to one from an old clock.

After baking the clay, I used small screws to make the holes for the legs a little larger. 
Starting to glue the pieces together and attaching the legs. 

Putting in the music box.

Mechanical bird guts.

Some beauty shots.

I added a piece of gold painted buckram to look like metallic mesh at his throat to allow for some extra room for the music box as well as giving his head a curious tilt, like birds do.

So there he is! He plays a little song that I haven't quite been able to place.  It is familiar but not instantly recognizable (for me at least, which is why I picked that particular snow globe at the thrift store to tear apart).

Big shout out to these awesome artists whose work inspired little Tak here.
C.O.G. Chronicles
Mullanium by Jim & Tori

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