Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Happy November - Halloween wrap up

Hello! Can you believe it is November already?! This year has just flown by. I have a few pictures of the little man from Halloween as well as some of making the costume.

Back of the coat before adding the stripes.

Bat head before I added the gloss coat.

Bat tie all ready to be assembled!
Adding the stripes.
More stripes.

Making faces in the mirror with the new face paint.

Raising the pumpkins. (That's what he told me anyways)


Also, I think I promised pumpkin pictures. So, here they are and bonus 'poison' candied apples.

We had a little pumpkin party with some friends.

Here are our two. Little man specifically requested R2-D2 on his, I chose to keep with the Nightmare Before Christmas theme on mine.
Mmm candy apples.

I'll add pictures of my own costume when I get them onto the computer.

Back to work.

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