Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hat project follow up

Yesterday I shared most of my favorite photos from my hat rummagings thus far.  As promised, here are the some of the absolute treasures in the collection.

Lets start off with a funny one,  it is Saturday after all, might as well enjoy ourselves. 

This is pretty clearly not an original vintage hat in its entirety.   It has been modified to suit some eccentric character of the stage, and isn't it just glorious because of that?!  I have seen some horridly modified hats and some expertly done ones but none made me giggle quite as much as this one did.

For reals now,  as Jack Sparrow said "Not all treasure is silver and gold mate."   If hats can be called a treasure (and I certainly think they can)  then I am no doubt obsessed. 

This hat is completely crushed and tragically I seriously doubt if it can be restored.  The fabric and interior support are so fragile that I think they will just crumble if any attempt is made to return them to a hat shape.  But the detail is amazing and the original hatpin covered to match!  The actual pin excluding the handle, is about 5 inches long.

 This bonnet just screams Jane Austen.  Apart from discolorations on the lining and some of the flowers, this hat is in quite good shape.  I believe the ribbon ties are even original. 
This is the inside lining.  I love the little "FRONT" arrow.  I have attempted to do a little research on Parmillo Hats to no avail (yet).  But I will keep looking.  Hopefully the university library will help me turn up something. 

And now, last but most certainly not least, here is the hat that first made me realize that I might find more than I was expecting amongst the hats in the costume attic. 

A hat fit to be worn by lady Mary Crawly of Downton.

The hat pins are not original.  The first picture has the closest to true color.  The under brim is lined with velvet and the swath of fabric around the crown is silk. 

I completely adore this hat. 

Hopefully I will be able to get some more pictures, and I shall share them as they come. 

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  1. Did you find any information on Parmillo hats? I too have a gorgeous hat from them and I was wondering if you found any information on them?