Sunday, February 26, 2012


So I don't often do full fashion posts here (despite having majored in apparel design) but I just finished watching this year's Academy Awards and I must say the stars did not disappoint.  I will refrain from commenting on the awards as I did not (as usual) see all of the films.  I'm happy for the winners and loved the films that I did see which were nominated.

Moving on,   my favorite dress tonight was Jessica Chastain's.  It was jaw-droppingly gorgeous, doesn't follow spring trends, and totally did not fit her. (Her chest was trying to escape and her arms were pinched.)  Despite these issues, the dress was fantastic!

found here

I also really loved Rooney Mara's overall look, but especially her hair and makeup:

found here

and here
Not entirely enamoured with the little wings off the chest, but otherwise a beautiful gown and fantastically simplistic styling.

Alrighty, done for now.  Good night!

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