Monday, June 18, 2012

The Royal Ascot

Some of you may already be aware, but the Royal Ascot begins tomorrow, June 19th.  As much as the Races are about the actual racing, they are about fashion and how amazing of a hat you can find (for the ladies at least, sorry gents, you are required to wear only top hats). 

Press photo for the 2008 Royal Ascot.  Hat by Philip Treacy

Press photo for the 2012 Royal Ascot.  Designers unknown (edit: hat by Stephen Jones and dress by Antonio Berardi)

And beware, if you see these ladies coming up to you, you're doing something wrong.  (They've come to put a hat on your head or to cover too bare shoulders!)

Dress-code assistants

This coming week should see the web (and frankly all other forms of media that like to feature images of the royal family) flooded with pictures of incredible hats!  Can't wait :)

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