Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Steamcon V: planning stages

Hey there!  This year my hubby and I are really excited to be able to attend Steamcon.(It's one of the largest steampunk conventions around.)  The last few years we have been too far away from it to make the trip for the weekend, but this year it is less than an hour away.  Also,  the theme is super exciting.  I'm starting on our costumes already and I'm quite excited about it.  Here are a few pics of what's happening so far,  and my inspirations :)

found via pinterest, also available on etsy here.
found here which I can't read but has loads of cool photos.

I've just about got my corset finished and then I can really start building stuff.  Here are a couple pics of progress on the corset.


muslin mock-up

paper pattern

almost done!

So pretty :)  All it needs are grommets and laces.
Anywho,  there will be lots more on this project throughout the year,  as it will probably take me until October to finish everything. (Which is of course when Steamcon takes place...)

Happy sewing!

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