Saturday, April 12, 2014

Costumes and Legos. Story of my life.

I think I probably mentioned a while back that I was costuming some shows this spring and I'm thrilled to report that the first one is opening this week! Even though it ended up being mostly just alteration work, I had a good time working on this first show, Life is a Dream but it did result in tears a couple of times. I find that to be pretty normal. Stress levels go up and tears come down. I doesn't help that I'm still waiting for a response from one of the grad schools I applied to.

As much fun as the first show was to work on though, I'm excited to see it go and to start in on the next one, Don Juan in Chicago. Because, well, I get to make fun silly things like panniers and a collar ruff and other such nonsense. I enjoy making silly things, and I get to work with some really lovely people too. Very obliging actors who will make the most of ridiculous costumes!

On a different note, my son and I went to the Lego store the other week and I made our family out of legos. Wanna see?

Of course you do.

My hubby there is holding what is supposed to be a briefcase but we're pretending it's a laptop. Much more accurate for him. Little man there in the middle with a popsicle, and me on the right with a coffee cup. Perfect! I even own pants that color, hehe.

Ok, ttfn. No idea if there will be a sweet this month or not. Probably not, but I'll try to come back in a timely fashion and share some costume progress pictures!

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