Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Star Wars shirt

We all eventually go through the time when all of our friends start to get married. This is that year. I get to go to three weddings this summer, which of course means dressing not only myself but my guys as well. The hubby can take care of himself in that area, but the little man has some pretty strong opinions when it comes to dress shirts. After going to countless stores with no success, I made a comment about making one. Well of course the little dude jumped on that and decided he wanted a Star Wars shirt. Yeah.

The quest for decent Star Wars fabric began. I finally wound up on Spoonflower (of course) where the little man picked out this fabric:

I got the basic cotton since it's a kid's shirt, washable, wearable, etc. I had made a test shirt previously and made both the test and the actual shirt from McCall's M6222 pattern. It's not a perfect pattern but worked tolerably well. Some weird stuff in the way the collar and facings fit together. The kiddo also picked out the buttons for the shirt. Here are some beauty shots.

And a final shot of the very happy kiddo.

Happy sewing!

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  1. Lucky boy! He looks very handsome in his new cool shirt. :)