Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Little Birds

Earlier this year (months ago in fact) I came across this fantastic idea (as well as the pattern) for a little bird mobile and I had to make one: first because I love birds, and second because I might have a few too many fabric scraps laying around.

I started making the birds over the summer and although the first one turned out rather cute, it was gigantic!  I re-printed the pattern in 1/2 size.  Here is the difference I ended up with:

The big bird is about 6 1/2 inches in length while the little one is only about 4 inches.  Much better.

So I made up a bunch of the little birds:

Next I needed to get some sticks for the birds to sit on in the mobile.  Conveniently there was a well timed wind storm and the tree in my front yard dropped a large branch which I cut up into smaller pieces.

After a last minute run to the hardware store and some rummaging through my craft supplies I had everything necessary to start constructing the mobile.

Next I trimmed my sticks down to size:

And started constructing from the bottom up.  The first (lowest) layer was the hardest mainly because I was still trying to get the hang of the balancing everything.  I used some small pebbles to help counter the weight of the sticks and birds. 

And two hours later, here it is!

I used small eye hooks screwed into the sticks to keep them from spinning down.  For the string I used waxed Irish linen thread for its knot holding abilities.   I stitched my birds onto their perches but I also used a dab of hot glue to keep them from spinning.

Happy crafting!

On an unrelated note, I received a new cookbook in the mail today!  Expect goodies soon.

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