Thursday, January 26, 2012

Once in a not nearly often enough

Oh my gosh you guys, my hubby baked!

So this is a pumpkin nutella cheesecake.  It is delicious.  It tastes kind of like pumpkin pie but even better because it has nutella. 

Now, I'm not going to post a whole tutorial here, but here's the link to the recipe hubby used.  I will post some pictures of ours though:

 We made our own gram cracker crust rather than buying one.  Next time I'm voting for chocolate gram crackers.

"Check me out with my cheesecake and my sweet band-aid."   No he wasn't actually hurt, but I cut my finger that night and he wanted a band-aid too.

 "Yes I have a fork, no I won't use it."

In addition to the crust modification I plan on adding a layer of plain nutella on top of the first cream cheese layer, just to add some more chocolaty goodness. 

Anyways, happy baking. 

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