Saturday, January 14, 2012

Well hi!

Just popping in to say hi and share some of today's fun.  I finished a couple of hats today.  I've finally been feeling inspired to create again and have been hard at work destroying my fingertips with hours of sewing.

Here are a couple of my newest pieces:

Avocado trilby

Leather and lace fascinator (will be for sale in my shop soon)

That fascinator is modeled by my new mannequin.  She needs a new coat of paint but I have to wait until it stops snowing outside.  I got lucky and got some pictures outside this afternoon before everything turned white.  On a side note, she's kindof creepy when you walk into a dark room and she is sitting on the desk.  (I'm open to name suggestions for her...)

Also on a side note,  my little guy has learned the ways of walking and drinking "coffee" (hot chocolate) at the same time:

Tomorrow I will attempt to tear myself away from hat making long enough to do some baking to share with you all on Monday for the 16th.

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