Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Weekend project continued.

So I learned this week that knitting a cable stitch is really not that hard!   Again with the help of a couple of 'how to knit' videos on the web, I followed a simple pattern to figure out the cable stitch.   There are lots of good free patterns around but I liked this one, and the instructions were easy to follow and understand (something that can't be said for all free patterns).  

I did a sample swatch before I started in my final yarn following the exact measurements of the pattern.  Conveniently, the pattern was only 4 stitches wider than I wanted my headband to be so I just left off two of the edge stitches on either side and subbed the cable pattern for the middle section of the headband pattern I posted the other day.  (pattern found here)

Anyways,  thanks to my adorable obliging (smirk) model,   here it is!

And yes, this does fit both me and my 2 year old son...I have a small head, he has a big one.    He likes it and is still wearing it as I type this. 

For this headband I used Patons Classic Wool yarn in a medium weight.  This one is the Mercury color. 

Happy knitting!

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