Sunday, February 19, 2012

Geek Chic

So a while back I came across this fantastic button just by chance.  It looks like a death star.  Except it was brown.  Easy fix though, a little paint and some patience... voila, death star button!  Anyways, I knew I wanted to make a bracelet with the death star button as the closure.  I toyed with the idea of embroidering little x-wings and TIE fighters onto a leather cuff for a while. Then, just the other day I finally decided to finish the project and make it a wrapped bead bracelet. 

I made my first wrap bracelet last summer from this fantastic tutorial video.   It turned out adorable and I've been waiting for an excuse to make another one.   Here's my first one:

For my death star bracelet I started off with several varieties of beads.  I decided to make it a double wrap so I needed a lot of beads to work with.

These are all jet glass or faceted glass, and thanks to a 50% off sale, all for under $10!

I took the largest flat ones and painted a few of them:

A few x-wings, a couple TIE fighters, and some lasers of course!

I used Irish linen thread that I purchased for my first wrap bracelet again for this one.  I love the way it feels and the knots hold extremely well.   I laid out my beads in the pattern I wanted (a little more complicated as many of them were doubled to get the right height to match the larger beads.

After many frustrated first attempts at getting the thread going without knotting:

and switching to a different thread after 3 failures with the first kind...I finally got the bracelet finished!

So here it is!  It just looks like a fun sparkly bracelet until you look close:


  1. Very Nice! Thanks for the shout out on my tutorial and thanks for sharing your bracelets with me!