Saturday, May 4, 2013

Fantasy and Sci-fi and Music, oh my!

Hello!  Despite the gorgeous sunny weather here today, we decided to go to a museum.  The Experience Music Project (EMP) to be exact. (We went to a park afterwards and ate dinner outside so it's ok...) And we had a blast!  We actually didn't go there for the music today, instead we went for the Icons of Science Fiction, Fantasy: Worlds of Myth and Magic, and the Art of Video Games exhibits.  All were wonderful but of course I loved all of the costumes included in the fantasy area.  So lets get onto some of the highlights!

These first three guys were in the Sci-fi section:
An Imperial Dalek!

The Man of Steel

Anubis soldier from Stargate.  Such incredible detail in this thing!

These next ones were all in the Fantasy exhibit:
A Winkie costume from the Wizard of Oz

The Cowardly lion (making my post title totally relevant!)

The Princess Bride, one of my favorite movies.

Look at that detail!  Just beautiful
Another favorite: The Goblin King himself, with little man's head peeking up in front.

I love details like this epaulette. You can't see it much in the movie but it's really cool.

After we went through the extra exhibits we went and noodled around in the music area for a while because, hey, we were already there.  Why not?

A little sound mixing. 
It just needs more!
This is getting a little picture heavy, but one more for ya.  On the drive up to Seattle the little man fell asleep while pouting.  This was the result:

Dawww,  look at that big pouty lip.

I love going to museums!  What are your favorite ones?

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