Sunday, May 26, 2013

Little man's party!

So it's been a week and I'm still recovering/cleaning up from the little man's 4th birthday party.  But I feel bad about delaying these pictures I promised any longer.  Here are a couple of snap shots from the set up:
We had a pirate theme!  I'm not sure anyone got the 'melon cannon ball' joke here.

Pirate ships set sail in the great jello sea! (pond?)

Aaakkk!  There's an octopus attacking the cake! 
Needless to say I hade a fun time putting the themed elements together here. 

In other news:  Brass Screw Confederacy is almost here!  I'm a vendor again this year on top of celebrating some birthday festivities of a dear friend.  And I get to check 'go to a masquerade ball' off my bucket list so that's exciting!  (More on that later with pictures and costumes!)

I've been using my hubby's extra home time this long weekend to get a little extra work done.  And now back to it! 

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