Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sneaky trick

I love onions.  A major confession I know.  But seriously,  I put them in just about everything.  The problem: little man 'doesn't' love them.  Well, he thinks he doesn't but has in fact eaten and enjoyed them many times without knowing when I bother to chop them so fine that he doesn't find them.  But that takes quite a bit of extra time and I'm kind of lazy when it comes to chopping things finely.

He is one of those children who is a stickler about foods not being mixed or touching and other such nonsense. But I discovered a sneaky trick the other day when we had something for dinner that had some larger pieces of herbs and spices in it.  Now, of course the little man noticed and wanted to know right away what the 'green things' were.  I told him they were spices and suddenly, magically, he didn't care about them and went ahead and ate it up! 

This got me to thinking what else I could hide in food by using the magic word 'spices'.  Well, I tried it on onions the other night with complete success!  We'll see how long I can continue to get away with this :)

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